Keeping your documents safe

Keeping your documents up to date


The newspapers have stated 2017 is the year of the paperwork for landlords. The government has changed the level of detail landlords are required to hold so whilst you may feel confident in the day to day management of the property, keeping track of paperwork which expires at different times can cause Landlords problems as they may not be complying with the law.

Responsible Landlord is a data storage service to help landlords control their paperwork for managing a property legally. A landlord will have to up to 20 separates records of information covering each property, examples of which are, details of deposit protection scheme and an EPC. See full list below.

Responsible Landlord allows landlords to upload and store their documents securely online, in one safe place in an easy to find digital filing system. Responsible landlord will monitor the renewal dates of each document and will alert landlords when a document needs renewing by contacting you one month in advance, allowing the landlord plenty of time to get that document renewed.

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Service Levels

Responsible Landlord offers 1 service level from our digital storage platform.

We will provide you with a log on to enable you to load all your files onto our database. The structure of each document name must be a description of the document 1st line of address and postcode, e.g. EPC 3 Acacia Ave SW12 9FG. The system will ask for a renewal date. Once uploaded our systems will monitor the documents and send notice to you 1 month before it is due for renewal.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Client uploads relevant document into the calendar and then receives email from Responsible Landlord advising them that they have a requirement to renew a service: £30
    per annum per property
  2. We can upload these documents for you, with relevant dates and the client receives email and copy of document advising them that they have a requirement to renew a service: £40 per annum per property



There are legal requirements for landlords to keep track of these documents otherwise they face fines. There are up to 20 different sets of documents a landlord may need to hold to keep proper legal records of their property. These documents will be required to be renewed at different times, as tenancy related documents will require renewal on a new tenant, some annually and some periodically.

A landlord will need to keep documentation for the following:


  1. Copy of Assured Shorthold tenancy form
  2. Inventory
  3. Condition Form for checking in and out
  4. Reminder to inspect property on a biannual basis
  5. Deposit protection details
  6. Gas Safety Documents
  7. Electrical Installation Documents
  1. Plugs and Sockets Safety Documents
  2. Furniture and Furnishing Safety Documents
  3. Smoke and Carbon monoxide inspection details
  4. Legionnaires Disease Documents
  5. Internal window blinds (Child Safety Requirements)
  6. Water meter reading at start of tenancy
  1. Electrical meter reading at start of tenancy
  2. Gas meter reading at start of tenancy
  3. Building insurance details
  4. Content insurance details
  5. Copy of EPC
  6. Asbestos check in common areas
  7. How to rent guide and right to rent